Zadar Outdoor Festival 2018

Good news for all adventures and outdoor lovers. Zadar Outdoor Festival is happening again this year. Join us for the second edition of Zadar Outdoor Festival which will be held from the 11th to the 13th of May in the Zadar region! Also, there are few novelties for this year's edition.

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Beach Hopping on Ugljan Island

The heat wave that struck Zadar and the rest of Croatia at the end of June forced us to seek refreshment on one of the nearby islands. Ugljan, known as "Green Island" or "Adventure Island", proved to be an excellent destination.

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How to get to Zadar

Zadar is located in the northern Dalmatia region, in the middle of the adriatic coast and at the foot of the Velebit mountains. Zadar is well connected by air, land and sea but if you plan to visit Zadar and spend your holidays in Croatia, we recommend arriving to Zadar by plane or by bus.

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Clubber's Guide to Zrće Beach 2017

Croatia is well known as a small country for big festivals. Zrće beach in Novalja on Pag island is host for some of the best electronic music festivals in Croatia during the hot summer months. We bring you an exquisite list of events from the Zrće 2017 program.

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Trip to "Kudin most" on Krupa river

There are places in the Zadar area that are not known even to all local residents. One those places is Kudin most (Kuda's bridge) on the river Krupa. So we used a sunny spring weather and decided to visit it. Here is our story.

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Wings for Life World Run Zadar

Jog, walk or run along the stunning coastline of Zadar and next to the Adriatic sea along with over 30 other cities around the world, including Vienna, Santiago, Melbourne and Dubai, who will be taking part on the same day in support of the spinal cord research charity Wings for Life

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Dugi Otok Trail: Running Race on Long Island

The best way to see the beauty that Croatia has to offer is to take part in the impressive Dugi otok trail. Cycle, run or walk through the vast and rugged landscapes of Dugi Otok on either a 10km or 23km track and enjoy one of the most unique settings for a race in all of the Europe.

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Rector's Palace: New Cultural Place in Zadar

This week Zadar became richer for one more attraction. The reconstruction of the Rector's Palace has been completed and the palace is officially open to the public. Visitors can now dive into the cultural and historical life of Zadar as it once was.

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The Ultimate Traveler's Guide to Zadar

If you've ever heard of Croatia, you probably heard about Dubrovnik. But Dubrovnik isn't the only croatian city worth knowing and visiting. Assuming you like travelling, you must know that people tend to call some cities by their nicknames. The City of Love, The Big Apple, The City of Angels.. Located on a magnificent coast of Adriatic sea, "The City that Sings" litterally sings to you. You're probably wondering: „How can a city sing?!“

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