Zadar tourist attractions

Zadar, one of Croatia’s top 5 cities to see, is a rising star these days. That’s because this 3000 years old Roman city is full of beautiful attractions and historical places. Most of them are located in the Old Town, on a peninsula surrounded by city walls. The second largest city in Dalmatia, home for more than 75 000 inhabitants, screams “urban” all over it. This economic, cultural, political center in the region has many things to offer you and here are just some of them

Sea Organ & Greetings To The Sun

Nikola Basic’s baby, the sea organ, is the most famous attraction in Zadar. 35 underwater pipes stretching across 70 meters, swallowing air from the waves, making the perfect sound, while you sit and watch the sunset over the sea. Right next to the Sea organ is another masterpiece of Nikola Basic. Three hundred multi layer solar panels shaped as a circle with 22 meter diameter changing colors and shapes randomly. This uber cool array of brightly colored lights is supposed to simulate communication with nature, presentation of all Solar System planets and their orbits.

Roman Forum

Located in front of church of st. Donatus, the heart in Zadar, you can walk this square from the Roman era. It was build from 1st century BC to 3rd century AD and it’s size is 45 by 90 meters. This forum is maybe one of the most important forums among the Adriatic ancient cities. It was a center of the public life in Zadar and it still has that characteristic. Many of the people gather among the remains of the columns and chill at the lawn.

Church of st. Donatus

Speaking of old structures, this church is surely one of them. Dating from 9th century, this Byzantine style church is a perfect spot for the lovers of good, old architecture. The interior is really simple and includes two complete Roman columns, which are recycled from the Roman forum. When the light falls into the sanctuary, because of its rounded interior, makes different patterns, nice for the eyes. This church often serves as a concert hall.

St. Anastasia’s Cathedral

Another old historical church building, parts of it were constructed in the early years of 3rd century. Most of the travelers use it to see the mesmerizing view from its top, the bell tower. Admission costs around 2 euros, but the view to the Velebit Mountains, entire city and islands is worth the climbing and the money.

Five Wells Square

This square, built in 1574, has its name from the 5 wells that supplied Zadar with water. Five Wells Square is located between the medieval city walls and the Renaissance bastion Grimani. Right on the square you can find the entrance at the oldest park in Croatia, named after Queen Jelena Madijevka and also the Capitan’s Tower. It is a popular place to hang out for the local skateboarders to skate.

The Land Gate

Most impressive of the gates is the Land Gate, main entrance into Zadar. It is built by Michele Sanmicheli in 1543 and it has a form of a triumphal arch with a central passage and two smaller two arches for wheeled traffic and pedestrians. The gate is decorated with the Shield of St. Mark, and another motifs as St. Chrysogonus on his horse.

People's square

Center of the public life in Zadar, usually used as a meeting point for every generation. It is a great place with many cafes’s, where you can relax and enjoy. On the northern side of this Square you can see the City Guard (large central clock tower) built from 1562 by Michele Sanmicheli. The building in the past had the Ethnographic Section of the National Museum. This is one of the most important collections of the country, worth seeing.


The Wide Street, or Kalelarga is the most famous street in Zadar. It is really old, maybe older than the city itself, and it spread from People’s Square to the Forum. On this street you can enjoy in the many cafes, do some shopping, buy souvenirs and visit the local tourist agencies.


Since 1874, this promenade is a wonderful place to walk and enjoy the parks and the palm trees. It has a beautiful view of the islands of Ugljan and Pasman and the Zadar channel. Also, Zadar is the only city where is allowed to swim in the center, on the promenade, so prepare your bikini and enjoy the perfect summer in Zadar.