The time has come to wear your costumes and lose your everyday individuality. Grab your mask and participate in the colorful street parade and experience Zadar in a funny-traditional way.

Tradition of masked parties is known to mankind since ancient times. This type of entertainment comes from the Roman custom created under the influence of Dionysus cult. Traditionally men are believed to chase away evil spirits with masks. These traditions remain actual even today but in a slightly different spirit.

Zadar as well as other major cities in Croatia maintains its own carnival parades. The traditional carnival of Zadar consists of two main events that take place within four days. The first one, you could say a little sweeter, is the Children's Carnival which will be held this year 23rd and 24th of February. With a long tradition that dates back from 1994, this part of the Zadar carnival causes great interest to media and the public itself. This parade of a large number of group creative children's masks is a real fiesta for all. Children will get a chance to show their masks within the program which will be held at the city Forum.

Of course, beside good entertainment there will also be prizes for the best costumes and masks and all the children will be able to enjoy in delicious donuts. Children's program begins at 9.00 am. Costume party continues on Saturday 25th February at the People's Square. In the morning (9.30 am) on the already mentioned location there will be a workshop of making masks from plaster, and those who did not have time to dress up can do it in a corner reserved for facepainting.

The main event is reserved for Sunday 26th of February. Great Carnival Parade starts at 16.00 pm at the parking lot in front of the Lipotica building and goes to the People's Square, where they will present their group masks. After singing and dancing carnival procession set off to Varoš where this colorful fun continues until the late night hours. This four day are definitely the most colorful days of February in Zadar and it would be a shame to miss.