There are places in the Zadar area that are not known even to all local residents. One those places is Kudin most (Kuda's bridge) on the river Krupa. So we used a sunny spring weather and decided to visit it. Here is our story.

Where are we going

River Krupa springs from Krupa near Obrovac, and flows into Zrmanja near Sastavak. It runs under the southern slopes of Velebit, not far from the hamlet of Mandic, from two karst springs. Downstream from Krnjeza, the dugout canyon of the Krupe suddenly opens up and offers a view of the spacious sedge barrier called Deveterac. Deveterac (cro: devet = eng: nine) is named after nine trawl cascades ending with a 13m high waterfall led by Kudin most (Kuda's bridge). Although the last two left ports were heavily damaged, Kudin most still defies the weather and high water. The story says the bridge was built by Kude, a young man who was in love with the girl Milja, whose home was across the river. The bridge was built in drywall, at the turn of the 18th to the 19th century and is named after his creator Kude. Delighted by the story and full of desire for vacation in nature, we decided to visit Kudin most on Krupa river.

Road to Golubić

Road to Golubić, Kudin most on Krupa river

Well the bad story is that you can't just sit on the bus and visit Krupa, but that is what makes this place even more interesting. At least you know that it won't be crowded when you come there. So your options are to rent a car or a motorbike and set out on the road or you can book one of the tours that include visiting Kudin most on river Krupa. Luckily we are locals :) and we have our own scooter (Beverly 250) so we just sat on it and began our adventure. The road that is leading to our destination is actually old road to Zagreb. It follows mountain Velebit through rural part of Zadar area way across Maslenica bridge, then starts to "climb" up to mountain. The road itself is a God given for a motorbike, fast enough, curvy and full of amazing views especially when you turn to Golubić where there is almost no traffic.  

Stunning scenery of the canyon of Krupa

Views of Krupa Canyon

After an hour of driving, the asphalt disappeared and we were greeted by the stunning scenery of the canyon of Krupe. What a view! Steep path is leading us down the canyon where landscape is tanned with low green vegetation. We ran down to see what is waiting for us at the end of the path. There it was above the torrent of water there was a small, but strong Kudin Bridge. We sat and enjoyed the sounds of waterfalls, bird twists and light breeze. Good thing it was spring because river Krupa at that time of the year has the highest water level. Right next to Kuda bridge there is a massive meadow suitable for piknik. There are also few paths where you can explore around. Some of them require climbing gear, so if you are into climbing beside waterfalls and nature canyon of Krupa river can be your new playground. The temperature of the river is generally several degrees lower than the sea temperature, but during the hot summer days it will very much "serve" as a refreshment.

End of a great day

Kudin most on Krupa river

The sun was slowly fading and it was time to leave Krupa river and Kudin most behind us. Save some energy and water before you leave this place because climbing up the canyon isn't that easy as it seems (at least it wasn't for us ;) ). What to say beside, it was an amazing day. We have some tips to share with you if you're gonna visit Kudin most on river Krupa.

Make sure that you bring:

  • Equipment: backpack, camera :)
  • Clothes: T-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt
  • Footwear: walking shoes on rough terrain or boots
  • Sun protection: caps, sunglasses, cream
  • Food and drink all day: water (2 liters at least) sandwiches, fruits, dried fruit, chocolate, biscuits