Škraping is Dalmatian extreme sports held every year on the island of Pašman in March. This unique trekking race takes place on sharp island rocks and attracts visitors and athletes from other European countries.

As with trekking it is a race, but the location is that special thing which makes this race unique. First let's explain the name of this race, therefore škraping name comes from škrape obviously. Škrape is a name for the limestone cracks formed by water at the aforementioned rocks and are typical of the coastal area. So formed limestone rock make sharp stones on which walking is already a challenge. Now that we have managed to conjure up the location, it's time to say something more about the race. Škraping is therefore kind of extreme sport. Participants are expected to be in a good physical condition but also the skill of jumping, walking and crossing the sharp limestone rocks covered with underbrush. The true island adventure you might say.

Every March on the island of Pasman in place Tkon enthusiasts from the Croatia and Europe take their places on start line waiting for a signal that will mark the beginning of this island adventure. The race is divided into the three categories: Ultra (47km), Challenger (25km) and Light (12km). Participants get the opportunity to experience attractive sights of Tkon and Pasman area, with the chance to get to know the island better. Škraping takes on the character and terms of learning the content of the island and the Croatian tourism promotion as a destination for an active vacation outside the tourist season.

During Škraping it is also possible to visit Island Products Fair which goal is to encourage the development of production and conservation of the island's indigenous native products. The end result is the promotion of sport and tourism on the island as well as the evaluation of natural and cultural heritage. We've done our part and said all we know about škraping, now it's up to you. If you want to enjoy domestic cuisine, quality accommodation and a wide range of services pack your bags and get your ticket to Tkon!