The premier of Zadar Outdoor Festival is this April – a unique festival in Croatia's stunning countryside filled with fun activities and extreme sports from rafting to racing.

Combine your love of the adventure with tourism, as you take part in a number of outdoor sports that take in the stunning Croatian landscape, including the mountains and lakes just outside the city of Zadar. Climb mountains, take yoga classes and paddle through rivers over the four-day-long action-packed festival. 

The festival also gives you a chance to get competitive and take part in one of the many sports on offer, including the three big competitions of a swimming marathon, sailing regatta and the kayak race. 

Don't miss these events: 

Sea Organ Swim 

Compete with other swimmers in a race across Zadar's blue waters and hear the city's famous “Sea Organs”, an art installation in the ocean. Leap from the city promenade on Friday at 9am and swim the 3000 meter route in a triangle shape against other entrants.

Sailing Regatta 

The sailing regatta starts at 10.30am on Thursday and takes most participants three hours to complete. The race takes on the Zadar Channel, passing through the islands of Pasman and Uglijan, and offers sights of a number of beautiful surrounding villages along the way.

Rafting Regatta 

Take on one of Croatia's most beautiful and wild rivers, the Zrmanja River, by raft. The 14.5-km-long course takes around 2.5-3 hours to complete and features a number of descents, waterfalls and streams.

Zadar Run 

Run 10km through the mesmerising countryside of Zadar, which starts in Diklo and finishes in the old town of Zadar at sunset. Great for any ability, runners will trace the coastline and into the center of the city as the sun sets over its landmarks.

Kayak City Race 

Nothing beats kayaking along a 3,000-year-old coastline, the Kayak City Race starts at the Roman Forum and enters the ocean from the Zadar Peninsula. Kayakers will pass the city walls, the Sea Fountain and Puntamika on this beautiful 6,000-meter-long course.

Cross Country Race 

Take to your bike and see some more of Zadar's stunning natural beauty on this 18.5 km long track. Start in the beautiful village of Petercane, a historic fishing village, and take in the waterfront, the challenging Mandrin Track and Dilko until you reach the finish line in the old town's Roman Forum.

If you don't want to compete but still want to participate then there are a number of running, walking and cycling trails to enjoy in your own time. Take in the incredible views of Velebit mountain along the way on these naturally-beautiful pathways. 

For those who love nature but prefer not to put on their walking boots, the festival will also be offering a range of gastronomic delights, workshops and tours. Tours include the three rivers trail, which takes in the small villages of Muskovci/Berberi and the stunning Zrmanja's Waterfalls before discovering the canyons of Krnjeza. Yoga and music events will also be available on specified days. 

The festival offers packages for those wanting to stay nearby, including hotels and self-catering options, but be aware that activities and events must be booked in advance.