Take part in the humanitarian action "Wish for love" or in Croatian also known as "Zaželi ljubav", when more than five lanterns will be released into the air.

Although Valentine's Day has passed, Zadar is still spreading love in the form of light. The night sky over Zadar Forum and the Church of St. Donat will briefly turn into a fairy-tale scene. That magical atmosphere will make colorful lanterns released into the air. Traditionally during Valentine locals and all those who find semself in Zadar gather outside the church of St. Donat in order to participate in the humanitarian action "Wish for love". As usual good music and a rich culinary offer will not lack. All proceeds donates each year to various charities.
So, if you find yourself in Zadat at February 18th, we recommend you to take a part in this action, which will surely delight you. Program starts at 7 pm price per sinle lantern is 25kn (less than 3.5 €) so join us in front of St. Donat, buy a lantern and wish for love!