This week Zadar became richer for one more attraction. The reconstruction of the Rector's Palace has been completed and the palace is officially open to the public. Visitors can now dive into the cultural and historical life of Zadar as it once was.

During the second half of the 20th century until the Homeland War, the Rector's Palace with its multiple functions enriched the cultural life of the city as the City Library, Music and Ballet School, home of the singing club Petar Zoranić etc. Radio Zadar was also located in the Rector's Palace. Numerous cultural and social events have been held in the concert hall of the Rector's Palace.

This "cultural party", because of its rich cultural and entertaining program, began on 10 February and runs until 21 February. You can enjoy performance of the City Orchestra, exhibition named "Six Salon Stories" that tells the stories about six historical periods of the city of Zadar.

The exhibition hall will also present "Cabinet of Wonders", which will take visitors deep into history and origins of the museum. Numerous projections about the cultural and historical life of Zadar will be shown on the first floor of the Palace. The small exhibition hall, on the other hand, will present "Years of Suffering" exhibition and "Zadar is not a gift" film.

You can attend educational program too, that include workshops "Tales of the past", "Little miracle cabinets" as well as a presentation of making filigree jewelry.

Playrooms with the museum didactic materials will be available during the working hours. Another available feature will be guided tours that will show the entire citizenry exhibitions in the Palace.

In the future, the museum function of the Rector's Palace and of the neighbouring Providur's Palace will be to accommodate the Heritage Museum / Museum of 2 Palaces which will gather all the departments ofthe current National Museum in Zadar in one place.