The best way to see the beauty that Croatia has to offer is to take part in the impressive Dugi otok trail. Cycle, run or walk through the vast and rugged landscapes of Dugi Otok on either a 10km or 23km track and enjoy one of the most unique settings for a race in all of the Europe.

One of the largest islands on the Croatian coastline, the races begin and end in the beautiful Dalmatian village of Sali. The trails take you through the island's diverse landscapes, including the rocky mountainous terrain of Telašćica Nature Park and the quiet and relaxing beaches that can be found along the island's stunning coastline.

Blue Cliff Trail

Take the 23km Blue Cliff Trail through some of the most spectacular scenery the “long island” has to offer. Pass ancient olive trees and up to incredible mountains, and enjoy unforgettable vistas when you reach the top of the island's huge cliffs also known as the Dugi Otak Walls. Spot churches, ruins, monuments, including the thousands of unique stone figures known as Skraca that can only be found on the island, and rest at stunning untouched bays along the way until you reach the finish line back at Sali.

The race starts at 10am and winners will receive a cash prize at the end of the day (5pm - 6pm).

Green Bay Trail

The 10km-long Green Bay Trail passes through much of the same track as the longer Blue Cliff Trail, see olive trees, ruins and old churches, as well as undisturbed bays along the way. Competitors will start in Sali and take the wall trail along the beautiful cliffs of Dugi Otok and enjoy views of Mir Bay, before reaching the bay itself. From here participants that have completed the race will be taken back to the start by boat, an incredible opportunity to see the island from the water.

The race starts at 10am and winners will receive a cash prize at the end of the day (5pm - 6pm).

Registering for the races

Entrants must register no later than the 15 March to enter the races, and all applications must be completed online. It is not possible to register on the day of the race. Entrance for the Green Bay race costs 120,00 kn (16 €) and 150.00 kn (20 €) for the Blue Cliff Trail.

Accommodation options are recommended by the organisers via the website, but must be booked up asap to avoid disappointment.

Other activities during the festival

The island really comes alive during this day – so be sure to enjoy some of the other activities if you missed out on taking part in a race.


For those looking for a challenge, it is possible to climb to the peak of Dugi Otok, just 338-m above sea level. While that may not seem like much of a challenge at first, the rocky terrain makes for a tough climb with wooded areas to navigate along the way. However, the mountain track to the 270-m-high Mount Orljak is one of the most rewarding climbs, and offers stunning views across Zadar and the island's surrounding waters.


After your race, or at the end of the festival, take to the crystal clear waters of Telascica Bay by kayak, one of the most beautiful bays in the Adriatic. Paddle across the bay and enjoy stunning views of the entire island from its turquoise blue waters.

Evening festivities

The festival attracts hundreds of visitors to the island, and the evening is filled with celebration with great local good on offer, a traditional donkey race and lots of live music.